Do your customers use Gmail? Have a CRM? From automatic call logging to conference calling, our features are designed with them in mind. We have developed our system for ease of use, while still being the most thorough option on the market.

Integrating hosted VOIP platforms to Google Apps

  • Hosted VOIP integration

  • No software to install

  • Easy to manage and deploy

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Call Logging with Click to Call

Automatically log all of your outbound calls from within Gmail to your favorite CRM and Project Management SaaS applications with gUnify’s Click to Call service, utilizing your existing phone system.

  • Telephone Number Called
  • Contact Information
  • Date
  • Call Duration and Time
  • Notes
  • If the call was Billable

See a list of our supported CRMs →

Conference Calling

Schedule all of your conference calls right from within Gmail to your Google Calendar

  • Syncs with your Google Calendar and your Google Contacts.
  • Allows you to post necessary conference call information, such as the conference call number and participant pin, to your Google Calendar.
  • Personalized Toll Free Number.
  • You can create multiple conference rooms with one toll free number for all of the employees in the company.
  • Each employee’s conference call room can be personalized with the employees name adding a professional touch for the company.


Let your co-workers and managers know you’re on the phone by automatically turning your Google chat status to red when you’re on the phone.

Call Reporting

Run detailed reports on all of your company's voice activities with just a click of a button. (Employee, Customer, Number, Date, Time, Duration for all outbound calls & conference calls.)

gUnify Contact Sync

Automatically identifies telephone numbers from within Google Apps that are not associated with your Google contacts, allowing you to quickly identify the missing information from your Google Apps contact database.

Gmail Call Tagging

Tag all associated calls with a particular email, automatically to the system with notes, date, time, duration and a profile picture. Allowing you to easily tag calls to a specific email.

Note Taking System

If you don't have a CRM...
gUnify has a built in note taking system so you can tag and search your calls for easy reference.

Click to Call

Click any telephone number anywhere on your screen including Salesforce, with your chrome browser and initiate a call with your mobile device.

Voice Mail Transcription to Gmail

All voice mails will be transcribed to text and sent to your Google Apps Gmail address, so you never have to listen to another voice mail again.

Business Texting

Separate your personal text messaging with a business text messaging app integrated with your business number.