Integrated with BroadSoft Hosted VoIP

gUnify integrates with Broadsoft providers in order to allow the end customer to unify VOIP services with their CRM and Google Apps

Call Logging with Click to Call

Using Google Chrome, making a call is as easy as a single click. Click any telephone number on the screen, including those logged into a CRM, and initiate a call with your mobile device.

Conference Calling

Google Apps? Gmail? Google Calendar? Check, check, and check! With our conference calling capabilities, you can schedule, complete, and record your call with ease. Your Google products will automatically update, and your invitees will automatically be notified.

•Green Means "Go!" Availability Widget

When you’re on a business call, your Google Chat status automatically turns from green (available) to red (busy), thus keeping you from being disturbed by friends and co-workers. Once you’re done, it reverts back to green, giving them the signal that a call is again unobtrusive.


Get up to the minute call reports through Gmail. This is enabled for your own records, as well as those of your employees working off their gUnify-enabled mobile devices.

CRM Integration

gUnify integrates with all of the CRM programs you already use! We've created a great working relationship with the CRMs, and we're proud to say gUnify blends seamlessly into their systems. If you don't have a CRM system, gUnify has the tools you need to improve your functionality. We have introduced a built-in note taking system, which allows you to tag and search calls records for easy reference.

What People are Saying...

This is a must have service for every Broadsoft Provider who has customers on Google Apps!

Dave Gilbert The Big Cheese of SimpleSignal,
a Broadsoft Service Provider

Working in the UC / SIP Telephony space with an emphasis on integration into 3rd party applications. I Love what I am seeing from gUnify - awesome platform.

Dennis Moran 30 Year Telephony Veteran
Google Apps

What is gUnify for Google Apps?

Enhance Voice Offering to Google Apps Customers

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Who can gUnify help?

Sales & Support Teams, Lawyers, Professionals and Managers

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